Grant Making
  For what? How to apply?

Who can apply?

We are interested in supporting those organizations and institutions that have a definite vision and an innovative means to achieve their objectives of satisfying the community needs and who believe that such actions can be multiplied and replicated Who can apply for help/support/grants

       • Non-profit Organizations
       • Charitable Trusts
       • Registered Societies
       • Community based registered organizations

If you have a genuine and innovative idea in the broad field of health, education and human rights please get in touch. Contact us with a work plan, that you have the desire to see it through. Navam will strive to ensure that your efforts do not go in vain. The grant making activity of The Nav Maharashtra Community Foundation is limited to the geographical boundaries of the state of Maharashtra.


The grant making activity of Navam focuses on the following broad themes, namely,
       •Human Rights
       •Public Advocacy Initiatives.
       •Any other activity in the case of an emergency, subject to the approval of the Board of Trustees

Navam will support projects, which are based on,
       •Community needs
       •Innovative Ideas
       •Sustainability during and after the project period
       •A clear and definite vision
       •A clear plan of action to achieve the objectives
       •A collective ownership and implemented by a dynamic accountable and committed leadership
       •A viable infrastructure and community support

The Foundation will encourage projects/ initiatives that are co-funded and implemented in partnerships with other organizations, NGOs and the government. Navam will not support projects, which are presented by organisations that are in any way associated with,

       •Solely to support for the construction of building and/or other infrastructure
       •Solely to support for the salaries of the staff and/or to cover the administrative/running cost of the organisation
       •To help in creating assets in the hands of the organisation
       •Navam shall not give grants to individuals


How to apply?

All organisations or foundations that wish to apply for the grants can send a concept note or a proposal to Navam’s office. The proposal shall cover the following information.

A. Project information
       •Need of the proposed project
       •Objectives of the project
       •Activities under the projects
       •Expected outcome of the project
       •Information on local level monitoring and evaluation structure
       •Detailed budget
       •Budget explanation

B. Organisational information
       •Name of the organisation
       •Geographical area of work
       •Registration details
       •Annual report
       •Contact details
       •Funding profile of the organisation