Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

During the last decade India has witnessed incredible growth of economic wealth in certain sectors. The corporate community is rapidly growing and along with it is growing the sensitivity towards social issues. It is giving rise to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities. CSR is not new to India; some companies have been involved with this for more than a decade now. Corporate sector no more looks at themselves as mere donors, instead they look upon grantees as their partners in bringing about social change.

Navam serves as a bridge between the corporate sectors and the NGOs or foundations. We are engaged in designing and monitoring of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives for a few companies. Navam with its wide range of networks adds value to the CSR initiatives by providing different strategies for social interventions.

Navam believes in organised philanthropy and helps corporate houses in monitoring and coordinating different activities of their CSR initiatives. Navam contributes to CSR initiatives by executing/conducting/undertaking any of the following activities.

  • Identify the priority needs of the beneficiary community.
  • Suggest different solutions on social issues.
  • Identifying, facilitating and collaborations with appropriate NGOs or foundations.
  • Analyse the cost-benefit ratio of the activity.
  • Devise a follow-up system for monitoring of the project.
  • Assess the impact of the initiative on the community.
  • Build a strong resource base to strengthen the project.
  • Ensure community participation for the sustainability of the project.

While engaging in the above-mentioned activities, Navam gives paramount importance to accountability and transparency. The projects are designed by striking a balance between corporate objectives and needs of the community.

Navam does not charge these corporate houses for expenses like salary or honorarium. We charge only for the actual expenses incurred for various activities and actual time spent for the project.  The amount raised from the CSR is further utilised for supporting development projects in rural Maharashtra.


Name of the company: DGP Hinoday

Name of project: Science education

Location: Urse village from Maval taluka in Pune district

Associate NGO: Vidnyan Vahini    

Project description:
DGP Hinoday is a Pune based company. The company has a production unit in Urse village. The company wanted to contribute for the well being of the villagers, as their corporate social initiative Navam worked with the company, and found out the most urgent need of the villagers and their children Most of the rural schools do not have proper facilities to teach the science subjects. Padmavati Secondary High School from Urse faced the same problem. We suggested that the DGP-Hinoday support a science education project in Padmavati High school. We pulled in Vidnyan Vahini, a Pune based NGO working for science education. The company sponsored the teachers’ training, Vidynan Vahini team conducted regular science sessions in the school. As a part of this initiative, the school organised the science exhibition with the help of students.

With these preliminary activities, DGP Hinoday is planning a full-fledged teacher training and move to sponsor a full-fledged science laboratory in the school. This lab will have physics, chemistry, biology and computer sections.

Project focus: Science education

Primary beneficiaries: All students and teachers of Padmavati high school


Name of the company: KPIT Cummins Infosystems Limited

Name of project: Flood rehabilitation

Location: Chiplun taluka

Associate NGO: Shramik Sahayog and Sanwad

Project description:
KPIT Cummins is a Pune based company. The company and the employees have together contributed for the rehabilitation of flood-affected people. In July 2006 the rain-wrecked havoc in the Konkan region. Navam collected authentic information from its partner NGOs about the extent and scale of damage caused by the floods. KPIT Cummins Infosystem Ltd. was interested in the long-term rehabilitation of the flood-affected people from Chiplun taluka. The affected people are being helped in regaining their livelihood tools. The help includes building Bandhan (A traditional Kathkari method of catching the fish), building and distributing the fishing boats, providing dry fish to widows and distribution of seeds to farmers, distributing musical instruments to Kathkaris.

Project Focus: Livelihood initiative

Primary beneficiaries: Farmers, fishermen, widows and Kathkaris who were adversely affected by the floods


Name of the company: SKF Bearings Ltd.

Name of project: Sports initiative for the slum children

Location: Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation schools (PCMC)

Organisation: Sukuman

Project description:
SKF is a Multi National Corporation. One of its production units is situated in Chinchwad within the PCMC area. The company wanted to initiate a sports activity for children living in slums as one of their corporate social initiatives Navam has helped SKF in designing their CSR initiative and setting up a sports academy.  Sports activities for deprived children have been set up in collaboration with the Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC) and a local sports’ trust. This initiative consists of combination of activities, e.g. sports training facilities, competitions, scholarships, supplementary diet, sports equipments, etc. The children were selected from the PCMC schools and have benefited immensely from this activity. 

The company sponsored and trained football team, recently won among the 19 teams that participated in the final of Gothia Cup qualifier in Pune. All the members of this winning team will now compete in Gothia Cup tournament, in Sweden.    The cricket team is invited to participate in many exhibition matches in different places in Maharashtra. This activity has not only improved the sporting skills among children but their academic performance also excelled.  These children have shown remarkable improvement in their scholastic achievements and the teachers vouched that the children have became responsible and disciplined students while in school. Their parents felt that children were more focused and they did not waste any time on unnecessary matters.

Project focus: Sports education

Primary beneficiaries: 100 children from 6 PCMC schools


Name of the company: Thermax

Name of project: Education and watershed development project

Location: Pune and Pondhe village

Associate Organisation: Pune Municipal Corporation, Pani panchayat

Project description:
Thermax is a Pune based company. It is involved in urban and rural community development in Pune district. Navam has helped Thermax in supervising the monitoring of this project in Pondhe village in Purandhar taluka. Thermax Is starting an English medium primary school in collaboration with the PMC. This school will cater to the children from the slums. Navam has been engaged with the initial preparation of this initiative.

Project focus: Education and rural development

Primary beneficiaries: Urban slums and farmers in villages