Donations can be made to Navam via Cheques or Demand Drafts. All the donations to Navam are exempted under Section 80G of Income Tax. The Cheques/DD can be drawn in favour of-

“The Nav Maharashtra Community Foundation”

Types of donations

Sponsoring a project:
A donor can sponsor entire project or a part of the project. The sponsorship could be for projects like Balwadi, barefoot doctor etc.

Donor designated funds:
 A donor can designate or determine the purpose and mode of utilisation of the funds as per his/her area of preference.

Group sponsorship:
This kind of sponsorship can be done for the project like Balwadi or sponsoring a women’s group for capacity building activities.

Donations in Kind:
A donor can donate in form of kind. This type of funds can be used for any kind of project. E.g a donor can donate medicine box for health project or can provide food, utensils at the time of emergency.

Donations in form of time:
A donor can volunteer and donate time for developmental activities. He or she can provide time during calamities or emergencies.